Hello and welcome to my blog, Dairy Free GAPS!

I started this blog in 2014 when I had just started the Full GAPS diet. I was looking for dairy-free GAPS recipes, and at the time I couldn’t eat coconut flour. Over the years my gut has healed considerably and now I can eat most things except gluten, so you will see that I transitioned to including dairy. I still practice a modified GAPS diet, and make bone broth every week, and usually a soup, and make mostly paleo recipes.

If you want straight information about GAPS, please visit gapsdiet.com.  Good books to check out are Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Nourishing Traditions, and The Heal Your Gut Cookbook.

I’m not a nutritionist, and I don’t claim to be an expert on the GAPS diet, so please consult with your health practitioner about whether the GAPS diet is right for you.

2021 edit – I’ve been eating a bone-broth-based soup for breakfast for the last eight years. By healing my body and my gut I have been able to transition to a diet that includes more dairy, grains, and coconut. Thus, the recipes on this blog have reflected that gradual change over the last few years.

This year I was diagnosed with thyroid nodules, a form of calcification. My functional practitioner suggested that I switch to a low-oxalate diet to see if I felt better. After YEARS of eating a diet heavy in nuts (especially almonds), root vegetables (root vegetable soup daily and raw beets!!!), and chocolate, I made the switch to a low-oxalate diet. It’s been eye-opening to realize I was eating three times the recommended amount of daily oxalates, and experiencing more frequent migraines, insomnia, and fatigue. Though it may be too soon to tell, I believe I’m feeling better! So, the recipes I will be sharing will now be low-oxalate, and continue to be gluten-free, and GAPS-inspired.

And, here is a good resource for calculating dietary oxalates.



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  1. Love that you have a blog about this. And the recipes you have shared look like something I can do. I am just about to dive head on into the GAPs diet. Do you like the Heal Your Gut Cookbook? I have been thinking of purchasing it but saw some mixed reviews online in regards to the organization/layout. Thanks! -Brieanna


    1. Thanks for your comment! I have found the Heal Your Gut Cookbook to be really useful. I would recommend Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book as your first resource, and this as a second resource for practical advice and a picture of what each stage looks like. And Boynton’s recipes are great. I’ve made dozens of them and they have come out great!

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      1. Love that! Yes, I read her book and thought it was life changing. Thank you!! 🙂 Looking forward to trying some of your recipes.


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